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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much does it cost to be a member of BR?
  • You can join free, but you will get the most benefit when you upgrade to a silver, gold or platinum membership. Each level allows to to earn more money, add more of your favorite programs to your affiliate page, and email your downline, 5 levels deep, more often. To See the Benefits you gain as a paying member of BR, Click here
Q How much can I earn as a member of BR?
  • All members can earn FAST Start bonuses, but the real power of BR lies with the advertising reach of the owners who advertise for all paid members. For example; Lifetime Members earn up to 98.80 per sale. To see the pay plan Click Here
Q Where do I find my affiliate link?
  • When you join BR, log into your members area. You will find your link on the first page, near the top of the members area home page.
Q How do I add my programs to my pro member affiliate page?
  • Go to add your programs.
  • Go to select program and add program
  • Add your heading, message and url.
  • Upload an image 125x125 pixels, if available.
  • Click to view your offer.
  • Then go to bottom of the page and click publish your offer.
  • To see how your offer looks... go to your affiliate page.
Q Can I edit the ads I have on my affiliate page?
  • Yes. Just select the ad you want to edit, change it, and then click publish your offer.
Q Can I email the people I signup?
  • Yes, but you need to be a pro member. Only pro members can use the members mailer. You can not only email members you signup, you list is built 5 levels deep, and you can send your offers to all members in your downline.
Q How Do You Advertise for All paying members?
  • Jane Mark and Phil Basten and Mike G, the owners of BR advertise everyday for all paying members of BR. Here's how it works...
  • Go to the main site http://buildreferrals.com
  • Refresh this page a few times. you will see that members names change. Those are the names of our paying members, and many of them are already receiving sign ups and sales just through our advertising efforts.
Q How and when do I get paid?
  • You get paid when one of your downline upgrades. Payments are made to you approximately 7 to 8 days after the payment has cleared. In the case of echecks, these take longer to clear. We pay you by PayPal, AlertPay, eGold or check, so MAKE SURE you add your payment processor information in your members profile area. If you elect to be paid by check, you must fill in your name, address, city, state, country and zip code. You will be paid once every 30 days, and your commissions must total a minimum of $20.00 before a check will be sent.
Q What do member ID's mean?
  • BR has affiliated with three very successful programs on the net. These are our primary earning programs. Once you join them you can put your affiliate ID right in your members area and earn from these three programs, when others signup under you, while you are earning commissions and fast start bonuses from BR.
Q How do I use the rotator?
  • Login to your account.
  • Click create new rotator.
  • Change site rotator 1 in the campaign name section to a 2 word campaign name you can remember.
  • Add a url you want to include in this rotator campaign.
  • Click submit
  • Then ad another url and click submit.
  • You will see the URL's in the campaign above.
  • You then select the url at the bottom of the page and promote that url.
Q What is a ClickBank ID and what does it do?
  • Your must be a pro member of BR to add your ClickBank ID.
  • Your ClickBank ID is the affiliate ID you get from ClickBank. Click Here to get a free account.
  • When you add your ClickBank affiliate ID, it will give you the ability to earn passive ClickBank commissions without having to promote any ClickBank products.
  • Pages your ClickBank ID will appear in all links on include...
  • Signup thanks - Remove thanks - Password Remind thanks - Members area (add ClickBank ID section) - Members area (ClickBank Mall).

More questions and answers will be posted here as they come in

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and Jane Mark and Phil Basten of JPE Advertising

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No portion of this website may be copied without the express permission of the partners.

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